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Professional Examination



April 7, 2018


Nov. 3, 2018























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CAPF(T) Professional Exam Study Group


The College is required to hold an annual professional exam. The exam is not intended to restrict membership or to prevent any member from joining the College as a Regulated Forest Professional Technologist, but is a forum for members to demonstrate their academic knowledge as a forestry practitioner. Members must write the professional exam within 12 months of being placed on the Conditional Register. Individuals transferring from professional organizations in other provinces are subject to write the Jurisprudence Exam.

The exam is comprised multiple areas to test members familiarity with legislation relevant to the practice of forestry. There are several mandatory questions that challenge members knowledge of the College By-laws, Membership requirements, the Continuing Competency Program, and the Code of Conduct. The remaining sections will test members knowledge of the regulatory legislation and approval processes required for activity on public land. 

The exam questions are not designed or based on any post secondary curriculum, as we are not testing your retention of the lessons attended in college. The exam is structured to provide a challenging opportunity for both generalists and specialists. If you are scheduled to write the exam in any given year you will be notified by the College of the scheduled date.



CAPFT has recognized that the development of a Jurisprudence Exam is necessary.  The purpose of the Jurisprudence Exam is different from that of the Professional Exam.   Where the Professional Exam is delivered to provide for members to demonstrate their practical knowledge as a forest practitioner and advance to become a regulated professional (RPFT), the Jurisprudence Exam is only intended to provide for transferring professionals to demonstrate they are familiar with the legislation of the province they are transferring to.  Given that a transferring professional will have been regulated with another regulatory body, they have already demonstrated their technical knowledge and met the registration criteria through their home College. 

The Jurisprudence Exam is not intended to act as a barrier of entry, or to test a transferring professional’s technical knowledge of forestry but as a tool of due diligence for registration and licensing purposes.  The jurisprudence exam will be an operative tool in determining a transferring forest professional’s knowledge of the provincial legislation and professional organization under which they will be providing forestry services in the province of Alberta.

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CAPFT and CAPF have a memorandum of understanding between the exam committee’s from both colleges to work together to jointly deliver a professional examination to members of both colleges.  A link to the Joint Professional Exam Committee (JPEC)’s exam policy and procedures is provided below.  Information sessions to help you prepare for you exam are offered prior to each exam writing and are open to members of either college. 

Exam Policy

For information please contact us at: 


Professional Competence - AAFMP   Video

Professional Exam Information Session August 23, 2017  Slides


Forestry Commons

The material provided below will assist members in preparing for the Professional Exam.   The exam will test your knowledge of forestry-related legislation and policies.  The extensive list of reference material has been divided into two reading lists:

  • PRINCIPAL: this list contains all the forestry legislation and policies that ALL Forestry Professionals are expected to be knowledgeable about.  Exam questions will be drawn from the materials referenced on this list. Please click here for reading list.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL: this list contains additional reference material that provides more details, background and/or supporting information.  You will want to be familiar with the reference materials that are related to your scope of practice.  These documents will not be directly tested on the Exam, but may provide some supporting information that will aid in the comprehension of Forestry-related legislation and policy and how forestry is managed in Alberta.


Legislation and Policy Overview



Below is our collection of additional reference materials which include recording of presentations at exam information sessions, documents that aren’t available anywhere else on the internet, and links to other recordings that we feel address the information all Alberta forestry professionals need to know.  These materials are arranged in the same categories as exam topics to facilitate your studying.  We are constantly updating these links and removing items that are no longer relevant. 


Professional Practice:

  • Professional Competence - AAFMP Video


College Policies and Procedures:

  • Complaint Resolution Process (Chris Luhtala, Spring 2017) Slides  Audio


Forestry Legislation Framework:

  • Forest Legislation Framework (Jeremy Bluetchen, Spring 2017)   Slides  Audio


Integrated Resource Management:

  • Integrated Resource Management System (Tracy Price, Spring 2017)   Slides  Audio 


Forest Tenure:

  • Forest Tenure (Vicky Bosse, Spring 2017) Slides  Audio


Forest Management Planning:

  • Forest Management Planning (Ryan Spooner, Spring 2017) Slides  Audio


Timber Harvest Planning:




Wildfire Management:

  • Wildfire Legislation (Olena Loskutova, Spring 2017)   Slides  Audio


Forest Health:


Fish and Wildlife Management:


Hydrology and Watershed Management:


Range Management


Land Use:

  • Land Use (Adrienne Maskalyk, Spring 2016)


Delegated Administrative Organizations:

  • Forest Resource Improvement Association (FRIAA) (Daniel Chicoine, Spring 2017)  Slides  Audio