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CC Program

The Continuing Competence Program was developed under the direction of the Regulated Forestry Professiona Act to provide for regulated members to maintain competence and to enhance the provision of professional services.



As a regulated member, your reporting requirements under the CC Program are:

75 hours per reporting period, 45 of which shall be Category 1; Structured Learning

A reporting period consists of the current reporting year, Oct 1 to Sept 30, including the past two reporting years.

The reporting period closes on the last day of September each year and reporting is due by October 15 of each year. 

All reporting is done online.  Paper submissions are no longer used.  Reporting can be done in the members section at, by logging in with  your personal log in name and password.

The CC reporting system will not allow entries past the due date.  If you have missed the due date, please contact the CAPFT office, 780-432-1962, to request assistance. 

Annual, internal audits are conducted, on 10% of the membership, to ensure compliance and effectiveness.  Members audited are randomly selected, and will not be audited more frequently than once every 3 years.   

Categories, Areas, and Reporting

For information on where and how to report your competency activites, please review the Reporting Instructions for the current reporting period:

Continuing Competence Program Reporting Instructions 2015

Continuing Competence Program Reporting Instructions 2014

Continuing Competence Program Reporting Instructions 2013

Continuing Competence Program Reporting Instructions 2011-2012 (PDF)

Continuing Competence Program Reporting Instructions 2009-2010

Continuing Competence Program Reporting Instructions 2008-2009


The Continuing Competence Program Manual (PDF) provides background, historical and functional inforamtion regarding the CC Program.  It describes the reporting process and the regulations and bylaws surrounding the program.  


2009 CAPFT Course List 052209 (PDF)


All applications for your Annual Practice Permit are now conducted online.  This will consist of submitting:

  • Your annual membership dues,
  • Your annual CCP reporting requirements,
  • Your annual declaration, and
  • Reviewing and updating all of your personal, contact and employment information in the CAPFT register

This process was previously performed using the Practice Permit Application form. 

Practice Permit Application 2016

Practice Permit Application 2015

Practice Permit Application 2014 (PDF)

Practice Permit Application 2013 (PDF)

Practice Permit Application 2012 (PDF)

Practice Permit Application 2011 (PDF)



Changes have occured to the CC Program to keep the program applicable and obtainable to all of our members.   Then and Now, 2009 Changes to CAPFT CCP Program outlines the changes made within the current reporting period.